TXM and Worktree Celebrate Success

Posted by Robbie on Jul 18, 2019 3:16:10 PM

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Last night TXM Group Director, Gary Lincoln took centre stage at Worktree's annual drinks reception & awards evening.

TXM is a proud sponsor of the not-for-profit charity's 'Career WorkOut Workshops'. The initiative invites guest speakers from a variety of different professional backgrounds to engage with school students about their respective professions. The programme offers young people direct contact with real professionals. It gives them the chance to ask questions about their roles and responsibilities so they can experience first-hand insight into potential vocational pathways.

Gary was invited to speak at the annual awards evening where Worktree celebrate the successes of the past year.

Worktree Awards 2019 The Winners 3

The Worktree awards winners 2019.

Gary shared on the evening, "At TXM we believe in the Worktree initiative and its brilliant concept, it engages the students on their level and focuses on what’s important to them. Giving the students practical exposure to the world of work and adults within it.

"During my time in School I had minimal support if any at all, when it came to careers advice or guidance. Unlike my experience, Worktree opens up avenues, giving students access to people who they possibly wouldn’t have had, who they can learn, gain support and guidance from.

Worktree Awards 2019 JAR_4756

"At TXM everyone is encouraged to contribute and take part in the Worktree sessions, they thoroughly enjoy the process and I actually feel they get as much from it as the students.

“Supporting local community activities is important to our values, TXM has sponsored and supported Worktree for the past five years and I can confirm we will definitely be sponsoring for a 6th Year!

"In addition to Worktree I’m actively involved in an organisation called Women In Transport, which was established to empower women to maximise their potential within the transport sector. We're working together to promote a diverse and strong transport workforce that supports UK growth.

Worktree Awards 2019 Gary Lincoln, TXM presenting"I thoroughly believe young people, especially girls, do not realise the endless opportunities open to them within these sectors.

"Through the Worktree initiative we have access to the right age group where we might just be able to help them consider a career within Transportation and or Engineering.

"As dad of two children I’m a believer that we need to encourage girls and young people as early as possible, starting with parents and schools, they need to be encouraged to explore engineering as a career choice, the opportunities are endless, they just need to be shown the way.

“I would encourage as many people and businesses as possible to get involved in Worktree, these young people are our future and they need assistance and exposure to wider opportunities."


To find out all about Worktree and get involved click here